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 Tobey Maguire has been subject to intense media scrutiny this month after details emerged of an exclusive celebrity underground poker group. The latest reports have recommended that some leading actors have been assembling at the star’s luxury home where they are engaged in all night poker tournaments featuring large quantity of cash. Accusations of scam and cheating have also been making headlines despite Maguire’s best efforts to nullify the rumors for good. The games in question, which always took place every Tuesday evening during among the years 2005 and 2007, witnessed the meeting of several 8 or 9 exclusive guests willing to play “serious” poker fit into the night. The most current revelations have exposed just how high the stakes could be. Although there was no official buy-in, hands are rumored to have soared to heights of $150,000 a pot with ill-fated participants regularly losing sums of $500,000 in a single session. Tempers were also at an all time high with high-pitched matches and substantial match suitable to an attach characteristic of the gatherings. The circle was accompanied by a firm set of rules. Those who failed to pay up were excluded from the club from good – making Maguire’s circle one of the most elite groups in the world.

Many suggested that Maguire’s credibility has also been significantly damaged by his association with Bradley Ruderman who was jailed for his involvement in a Ponzi scheme which saw investors cheated of $50 million. Ruderman is now seeking legal action against Maguire after losing over $4 million to the actor as well as some 21 other players. The 36 year old Maguire, who is best known for his role in the Spiderman movie franchise, has refuted the allegations outright. Gaming lovers have been gripped by the latest reports of Tobey Maguire’s exclusive high stakes poker circle packed with stars. Stories of celebrity poker tournaments involving some of the best known names and faces in show business are generating a lot of buzz. The latest reports have centered on Tobey Maguire’s exclusive high stakes poker circle involving players including stars such as Ben Affleck, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Nick Cassavetes and Todd Phillips. Maguire says that the games were conducted on a casual basis in his own home and did not require a gambling license. He has also denied the existence of  the elite gambling ring consisting of wealthy celebrities, entrepreneurs and attorneys. Ruderman has claimed that Maguire played host to a “regular roster of players” including A listers such as Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck. Meanwhile Maguire is preparing to appear in a new adaptation of the American classic, The Great Gatsby together with DiCaprio. The movie is being directed by the celebrated Australian filmmaker, Baz Luhrmann. Fans of both stars will surely be keen to see how the story unfolds in the weeks ahead.

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