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Initially, when casinos are talked about people would think that this is where gambling takes place.  You would then imagine a place where there are numerous slot machines lined up, bright lights, there are poker rooms and blackjack tables and there is a roulette inside a big fancy hotel.  Just a quick snippet in history, casinos was not actually a place where gambling takes place but it was a place for gathering and entertainment.  As history would dictate, you will know that nobleman gather in casinos to discuss important matters.  It is even claimed that in one country, casinos were used as a theatre.
The first ever casinos were found in saloons.  Imagine a scenario in the Wild West where cowboys are playing cards and where a sole slot machine is placed in one corner of the place.  Poker as well as blackjack was even played as early as the 18th century.  Apart from gambling, you can also engage in other activities when you frequent casinos.  Most casinos nowadays are fashioned with resorts and restaurants to cater to the tourism of the country and to satisfy the enjoyment of their clients.  You can be entertained with concerts, boxing matches, and even stand up comedies while gambling.
Note that you have to be of legal age when you want to enter a casino.  These places are famed for their strict security measures.  They would often require customers to present several identification cards before you can enter.   You also need to dress properly also since there is a dress code – usually men would wear suits or tuxedos and the ladies will don on their cocktail dresses.
You can enjoy a round of poker with other customers or choose to gamble away your money in roulette or blackjack.  You can sit in front of slot machines if you are a more subdued gambler.
More and more countries are in the verge of creating casinos to lure more tourists on their area.  There are certain groups speculating that casinos should be legalized in order to generate more monetary revenues to boost the cities income but this has been an ongoing debate for quite a long time.
Famed casinos that you have to visit are those located in Monte Carlo, Macau, Atlantic City and Las Vegas – these places are gambling Mecca for seasoned gamblers and first timers as well.   The places where casino games are housed will definitely give anyone both the fun and relaxation they deserve.  

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