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Online casinos today are most preferred by traditional casino gamers who chose to play at the cheapest and most convenient way possible. Playing at online casino would always make a difference, as part of the convenience, you would not need to go out of your house, travel long hours and mingle with a lot of irritating people. You also save money as you don’t need to pay for fare, gas and of course, it is relatively cheaper to bet your money on digital casinos.  There a lot of casino games enjoyed by online casino gamers but the three most patronized casino games are Online Poker, Online Roulette, and Online Blackjack.

1. Poker
Poker has proven itself worthy to be called the king of casino games not just on traditional casinos but on online casinos as well. Poker has been well accepted by a lot of online players on online casinos and on social networks as well. Poker is a card dealt game that provides equal chances of winning to each and every player as they would not need to play against a banker. The most favourite and most played type of poker over the internet is the community card poker Texas Hold’em.

2. Roulette
For those people who do not like studying much rules and does not like dealing with cards, they prefer to play roulette. Roulette is a table game which is operated by a croupier with the assistance of a stickman on traditional casinos. With the online version, winnings and bets usually pop out and in, if not, they would slide to or from. The game starts with the wheel and the ball spinning. The wins are based on what pocket the ball rest. Bets can be on a single number or a series of numbers from 1-36 of colors red and black.

3. Blackjack
The game blackjack is also known as twenty one.  It is also a card dealt game but with less rules and complications compared to poker. The aim of the game is to get a hand value of twenty one or at least to get the value which is closest to twenty one. The game starts with two cards dealt to each player. Another card will be given if the player wishes for it. Getting  another card is not always necessary but it may be a part of their strategy, if the player thinks that he has a very low hand value and getting another card could be very advantageous as it may give him a value twenty one or at least closer. 

These casino games are only three of the most played over the internet, there are other casino games which are equivalently fun and exciting so I encourage you to try them as well.

By Paul Simon Davenport

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