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Money Laundering

Myth: Online gambling is more liable to money laundering than land-based betting.
Fact: There are no reliable facts of money laundering related with online gambling.  Land-based gambling in venues such as casinos and race tracks is more subjecting to money laundering than online gambling.

Gambling Addiction

Myth: Online gambling presents greater risks of obsession and offensive gambling.
Fact: Scholarly and logical evidence does not support this allege. Online gambling like online casino can be improved monitored to stay away from problem gambling than conventional forms of land-based gambling. Traditional gambling devices, such as machine slots in casinos or video lottery machines at race tracks, are either, or still further  addictive than online gambling.

Criminal Off Shore Companies

Myth: The Online gaming operators are of greatly illegal off shore companies
Fact: Many of them are absolutely authorized companies that are being traded on stock exchanges around the world, like online poker operators win on the Austrian exchange and Party Poker on the London Exchange.

Underage Gambling

Myth: Online gambling is more likely to magnetize juvenile gambling than land-based gambling.
Fact: This is not true. While underage gambling has been a relentless concern at land-based casinos and lotteries, or with secretive American bookies who obtain these bets on credit, the same is not true with online gambling.

Online Gambling Existence in the United States

Myth: Online gambling doesn’t exist in the United States.
Fact: Americans can liberally and explicitly place bets via their computers, televisions or telephones. The United States allows isolated gambling on horse racing and the State of Nevada, for instance, allows remote gambling within Nevada.  Other states intend to follow Nevada's lead in a new phase of gambling expansion in the United States.

Consumer Protection

Myth: Online gambling is unfair to bettors.
Fact: This is not true.  Online gambling policy in nations such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and Antigua make sure that consumer are treated fairly and the games are entirely honest.

Placing Bets Online Today

Myth: It is illegal to place a bet in the United States.
Fact: This is not true in the most states.  There is no federal law which criminalizes the assignment of a bet by a bettor.  This hold true in most states; although there are some states which do criminalize gambling.

Regulation of Online Gambling

Myth: Not capable of being regulated.
Fact: Not true.  Online gambling is successfully regulated in many parts of the world, so it can clearly be regulated in the United States.  The countries which permit and control online gambling include: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Antigua, and interestingly, even the United States itself. The State of Nevada permits and regulates online sports books for Nevada residents and visitors.  The State of Nevada is also in the development of issuing regulations for other forms of remote gambling.


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    Very good facts! One true fact that I know about playing online gambling games is that it gives fun and enjoyment for their players and it is comfortable because you can play it just in front of your computer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It really is sad that there are people who actually believe in most of these myths especially the money laundering thing when in fact online gambling is very safe and secure. It is especially true in UK casino.

  3. I really appreciate your way of exploring information about myth and facts about online gambling. Great work. Keep it up!

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