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One of the easiest casino games to play is blackjack, also called twenty one derived from its Spanish name ventiuna. Although the game has an unknown origin, the first account recorded for it was dated back between the year 1601-1602 in a book written by the famous Spanish writer of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes. The name eventually became black jack when it came to America wherein casinos offered a ten to one payout if the player possesses an ace of spades and a black jack that is either spades or clubs. From there on the name black jack stuck to the game. Eventually, the rule of the game evolved and having a hand with an ace and a face card is considered a black jack. 


To get the value of twenty one or to have the bests value that is near to twenty one is the objective of the game. Your hand value is determined by the cards given to you by the dealer. Each face cards jack, queen and king is worth ten points. The ace is known as a special card. Its worth is either one or twenty one; the player gets to choose its value depending on what he thinks could be very advantageous to him. “Soft hand” is the term called to a hand with an ace because of having the advantage of counting the ace one instead of eleven when the player takes a hit or you decide to take another card to the dealer while “hard hand” is called to a hand without an ace. All number cards are equivalent to whatever their numerical values are.

On the start of the game, the dealer will give each of the player two cards that are faced up. Then, the dealer will draw another card that is faced up and another one that is faced down. The player’s next move is determined on the card that is faced up. A face card and an ace gives you a natural black jack and if the dealer does not show an ace face that is faced up, you win and will be paid instantly.

You have the option to hit (take another card from the dealer) if your cards held a value of less than twenty one. Getting a card should be part of the strategy. Never take another card if the dealer is showing a card with a six face up is one basic strategy that a black jack player should know, always bear in mind that this is one the general rule of thumb when playing black jack. Don’t let your hand to have a value which is more than twenty one, most casino games dealer are forced to take advantage of every moment.

You may want to take another card if your cards are less the value that is needed and get your hand close to twenty one as much as possible that is if you have a small hand or if the dealer is holding a seven through ten cards. Though easy at is seems, good decision making is necessary in playing this game. Skills and strategies are needed in order to beat the dealer and win.

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